The Importance of Space and Quality

If you want your brochures to stand out from the crowd and look completely professional, you need to design your brochures with two key factors in mind: space and quality of printing. However well you design your brochure, if you do not choose the best of the printing companies, one who can give you the high quality commercial printing you need, you won’t be happy with the final results. Here are some tips on designing your brochures to get the best brochure printing you can.

The Importance of Space

Most amateur designers ignore the impact of having “white” space in a brochure. Indeed, the temptation is to squash as many words and pictures into the pages and to create a smaller brochure that takes up less pages to reduce printing costs. However, this can be a big mistake. If you have a brochure with a fold, you need to ensure that the finished brochure has a number of pages divisible by 4. It is a waste of time to squash everything into 26 pages and then have two completely blank pages at the end of your brochure.
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The Fine Art of Business Card Printing

Your business card is more than just a way of giving someone your phone number or your business email address. It makes a statement about your business, which is why you need high quality business card printing. Here are some tips on getting your business cards printing.

1. Why Your Business Card is Important

Your business card is often the first impression potential customers and suppliers receive about your business. If you don’t have quality business cards, your business appears cheap and nasty, which is definitely not the impression you want to give to customers. Your business card gives people something they can easily keep and refer to when they need your business. You may actually get new customers months after you give out business card, when the person you gave the card to has forgotten the original conversation. Your printer who does all of your business printing will be able to provide high quality printing for your business cards to leave a lasting impression of quality.
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5 Ways Of Using Poster Printing For Marketing Your Business

Posters can be extremely effective ways of marketing your business, because you can’t help but notice a poster. You can use posters to communicate to both customers and to your staff. Customers may also see any posters you use for internal marketing (to your staff), depending on where you put the poster, so you still need to ensure you use high quality printing services. Poster printing can be quite an efficient and effective way of getting your message across to customers and staff. Here are five ways you can use poster-printing services to promote your business.

1. Safety Posters
With OH&S becoming an essential practice for any Australian business, you need to ensure your staff members are fully aware of the current issues. Many businesses find that putting up new posters every month targeting a different aspect of safety can improve safety statistics for the business dramatically. While you may want to focus such posters to the staff, you may find that customers appreciate the message that your business takes care of its staff. If you have customers walking through your business premises for any reason, safety posters giving warning about potentially dangerous situations may be essential. Provide high quality images to your trade printer to ensure your safety posters attract attention.
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How To Get Best Quality Prints for Advertising Materials

If you want to advertise your business using printed materials, whether it be brochures, flyers, posters, or even your business cards, you need to ensure you get a high quality finished product. Would you give your custom to a business that gave you a sloppy, ill-designed, and badly printed brochure? Most people would think that the quality of the printing of the advertising shows the quality of the business. If the business presents low quality advertising that lacks attention to detail, or has the fold in the wrong place for the design, the customer can assume that the business will provide a similar service to customers – one lacking in attention to detail. This is why it is essential to get the best quality prints for your advertising materials.
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How the Pantone Colour System Works

The Pantone system is a standardised full match system for organising and matching colours. This helps to ensure that colours will always match between two or more printing jobs, regardless of time or distance between them.

There are over 1100 distinct colours in the Pantone system, which can be used independently or in combination with another Pantone colour or any CMYK combination.
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7 Essential Pieces of Information for Getting Accurate Printing Quotes

Calling up a printing services company with vague specifications about your printing job will result in a vague quote. Whether you’re printing a one-colour business card or a multi-coloured poster, your printer will need to know some essential pieces of information:

Size – flat, folded and page numbers?

If you’re working with a particular format, you need to equate your presentation with the product type and the look you want. Think about the presentation as a
whole product. Your software will give you the basic specifications direct off the files.
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Ten Questions You Should Ask Your Printer

It takes a lot of effort to get something to print-ready stage. You’ll want to make sure that your creation is going to look good when you get it back from the printers. Knowing what to ask your printer can save you time and money, resulting in both you and your printer happy with the transaction. You’ll find good printing services will help you a lot with the technical issues.

Here’s 10 things you should always ask your printer:

What equipment are they using to print?

This is important, because it defines the printer’s capabilities. Advanced systems can work with a huge colour spectrum and are fully digital, able to work with any form of software.
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5 Tricks for Minimizing Your Printing Cost While Maintaining Quality

There are very few ‘rich’ printers in the world … however to the designer and customer, the cost of having brochure printing, greeting card printing or swing tag printing done often seems amazingly high. If you know a little about the printing process and where costs come from, though, you have a good chance of cutting down your printing costs without compromising at all on quality. We give you five handy tips for cheaper printing!
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Glossary of Specialist Printing Terms

Creating your own marketing materials can be very rewarding – both financially, and personally. You get to have complete control over the process, highlight what you know are your best and most important features, and save some money. However, when it comes time to do your brochure printing, business card printing or letterhead printing, it can get pretty involved! Today we give you a quick run-through of some of the terms you’ll need to know to ensure your printing job looks the way you expect it to.
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8 Tips You Didn’t Know for Sending Your Design to the Printer

Along with all those years of theory learning and practical experience in creating designs, when you hire a pro designer you also get a whole lot of incidental knowledge about utilizing printing services to get the best result for a design. There is a purpose for all of the dozens of image file types, export options and print settings, though most of us are blissfully unaware of them! Today we tap into that pro knowledge to help you get the same picture-perfect result for your own company marketing materials.

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