The Fine Art of Business Card Printing

Your business card is more than just a way of giving someone your phone number or your business email address. It makes a statement about your business, which is why you need high quality business card printing. Here are some tips on getting your business cards printing.

1. Why Your Business Card is Important

Your business card is often the first impression potential customers and suppliers receive about your business. If you don’t have quality business cards, your business appears cheap and nasty, which is definitely not the impression you want to give to customers. Your business card gives people something they can easily keep and refer to when they need your business. You may actually get new customers months after you give out business card, when the person you gave the card to has forgotten the original conversation. Your printer who does all of your business printing will be able to provide high quality printing for your business cards to leave a lasting impression of quality.

2. Gloss or Matt

Before you get your business card printed, you should discuss the various options with your printer. There are different weights or thickness of business cards available. A gloss finish gives a shiny feel to your business card, which is appropriate for some businesses. However, if you want people to be able to write details, such as appointment times on your business card, a matt finish is more appropriate, as it is difficult to write on a business card printed on a gloss finish card.

3. Logo Printing

Your logo is essential for your business card, as it provides customers with a way to recognize your business at a glance. When you get your business cards printed, you should provide your printer with the highest quality version of your business logo possible. This will ensure your business card does have a quality print.

4. Contact Details

Your contact details are the essential element on your business card. Without your contact details, the customer will not be able to make contact with your business. Make sure your customers will see your contact details by making sure the print stands out. Do not hide your contact details in a way that blends in with your logo. You may want to use different fonts, colours, bold type, or imprints when you print your business cards.

5. Reverse Side Printing

Many businesses forget that a business card has two sides. However, if you neglect to print details on the reverse side of your business card, you are missing a grand opportunity to market your business. Talk to your printer about the options for the reverse side printing. You may want to get the reverse side printed in black and white or one colour only, or on a matt finish to save costs.

6. Getting Your Business Card Exactly Right

It may take some time to get the design and printing of your business card exactly right. You have so much to consider, such as the design, quality of cards, quality of the images. To get the business card exactly right, talk to your professional printer at all points of the process. Your design may change depending on the decisions you make on the quality and finish of the card you want. Your printer can advise you want images and colours to use from your logo and what resolution you need to provide the images in for the best results. Check a sample of the business card before the final print run to make sure you are 100 per cent satisfied with the results.
Your business card is an essential marketing tool and is often the first thing potential customers see about your business. Make sure you get your business card exactly right by talking with your printer as you design your business cards and before the final print run.

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