Brochure Design Tips

The Importance of Space and Quality

If you want your brochures to stand out from the crowd and look completely professional, you need to design your brochures with two key factors in mind: space and quality of printing. However well you design your brochure, if you do not choose the best of the printing companies, one who can give you the high quality commercial printing you need, you won’t be happy with the final results. Here are some tips on designing your brochures to get the best brochure printing you can.

The Importance of Space

Most amateur designers ignore the impact of having “white” space in a brochure. Indeed, the temptation is to squash as many words and pictures into the pages and to create a smaller brochure that takes up less pages to reduce printing costs. However, this can be a big mistake. If you have a brochure with a fold, you need to ensure that the finished brochure has a number of pages divisible by 4. It is a waste of time to squash everything into 26 pages and then have two completely blank pages at the end of your brochure.
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