Making Use of Bumper Sticker Printing for Your Business

Most of the world is used to seeing bumper stickers used as a means for self-expression. Although the majority of these stickers are placed on the back bumper of vehicles, bumper stickers are also used on other items. Walls, notebooks, laptop computers, desks, mirrors, and many other surfaces have been decorated with a bumper sticker at one time or another.

It seems as if there is no end in sight for this trend of “decorating” with bumper stickers, so why not make use of their popularity in your business? Bumper stickers can be quite an effective marketing tool, allowing you to inform the world about your products and services. Here is just one way that bumper stickers could work for you and your business.

Think about how many people see your automobile in the course of just one business day. During the weekend, there is the potential for even more people to see your car, depending on your schedule. Now, think about all of the cars you see in the morning and evening traffic during the week, and the traffic jams that are usual during the weekend at popular attractions and venues.

If you had invested in custom sticker printing, and distributed bumper stickers with your business name, logo and slogan printed on them to just half of these people, your information would have been in front of many sets of eyes in just one week’s time.

You could pretty much call a bumper sticker a miniature billboard! Where else can you get this amount of advertising for the small fee you would pay to have a batch of bumper stickers printed? Sticker printing can pay for itself just with the amount of new business it will bring to you and your corporate home.

There are several styles of bumper stickers to choose from. Along with the long, rectangular shaped sticker that everyone is so used to seeing on auto bumpers, there are vinyl stickers and decals that are used in the exact same way and in the same places as the “old fashioned” style of bumper sticker. The smaller vinyl stickers can be placed on a car window instead of on a bumper, making them even more noticeable. These stickers are also in high demand for decorating other items besides automobiles. Anywhere your sticker finds a home can be a setting that can be good for your business, for the more people who see the stickers, the better.

Vinyl sticker printing is a specialized art that is best left to a professional. You would also be better served by taking advantage of the talents of a graphic artist. Online printing companies usually have a graphic artist as a part of their staff. They can advise you on what graphics and text would best fit on the size sticker you have chosen to do the job for you. Choose eye catching colors as well as easy to read text for a bumper sticker that will bring lots of business your way.