Hard Copy Proofs

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Hard Copy Proof!

Ordering a Hard Copy Proof

Ordering a Hard Copy Proof can give you a great indication on how your finished Print Product will look.

While there can be some slight variations in Colour between Hard Copy Proofs and the Finished Product our Design Staff will help explain everything before going to Print.

You can order a Hard Copy Proof through the contact form (be sure to include your Job Number) or alternatively you can arrange one with your Australian Trade Printers Design Contact over the phone or through email.

Please Note:

Fees do apply for Hard Copy Proofs – which include file setup (pre-press), printing and delivery costs. Your ATP Representative will inform you on the fee during the ordering stage.

When Hard Copy Samples are not needed...

Hard Copy Proofs are great for getting a true to life example of your finished product, however there are some instances where there are minimal benefits from ordering one.

All Hard Copy Proofs are printed through our state of the art Ricoh digital presses, therefore they are great if your final print will be completed on these presses. Jobs that will be printed Offset, in particular, spot colour printing will not give you a clear and precise colour indication and it will only be useful in terms of gauging image print resolutions, font sizes and real life handling.