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About A2 Posters

A2 Poster Printing – A Striking Cross Promotional Tool!

Australian Trade Printers can help you make your A2 Poster Printing unique and professional, contemporary or classical – A striking way to cross-promote products within your store or business, and also to create a specific atmosphere within your company.

Finishing Available

  • Unlaminated or Gloss Laminate
  • A wide Range of Sizes including Custom Sizes
  • CMYK Colour Printing Only

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Artwork Specifications

  • Supplied at the correct trim size ( mm )
  • With 3mm of bleed on each edge
  • Supplied in CMYK ( PMS Colours will require a custom Quote )
  • Image based artwork 300dpi
  • Text based artwork 600dpi
  • Design elements kept within 3mm margin ( 3mm away from the trim edge )
  • Single page scrolling PDF ( not speads or paginated )

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